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Colorado Water is Harsh – Scalp Treatments and Detoxifying Your Hair at Your Favorite Evergreen Hair Salon

Who doesn’t love coming home from the salon with an amazing cut and color? At Flicker and Finch Salon and Boutique, we’re dedicated to taking care of our clients for much longer than when they leave our salon. That’s why we offer scalp treatments and detoxifying treatments for your hair at our Evergreen hair salon.

Our Evergreen Hair Salon Takes into Account the Minerals in Your Water

Your household water can contain normal traces of minerals and metals. These cause decolorization, brassy blonds, breakage and overall dull color. Water with naturally occurring minerals and metals is commonly referred to as “hard water.” Although hard water depends on where you’re located, almost all Colorado residents face this issue.

These metals, found in the hard water all over Colorado, can be trapped inside the fibers of your hair, causing breakage and unreliable color results. That’s why scalp and detoxifying treatments are so important to schedule at our Evergreen hair salon. With these, you will walk out of Flicker & Finch feeling more confident than ever with a better maintained cut and color.

Treatments to Detoxify Your Hair

At Flicker & Finch Salon and Boutique, we offer the L’Oréal Metal Detox 3-step protocol in salon. Following your in-salon treatment, grab the at home mask and shampoo from our boutique to make your treatment last!

This 3-step process starts with a metal neutralizer before coloring in our Evergreen hair salon. Follow this up with an anti-metal cleansing cream to detoxify the hair. Finally, the anti-deposit protector prevents new particles from coming back. This detoxifying technology uses a molecule small enough to penetrate and neutralize the metals inside your hair. Head to our boutique for the at-home protocol, featuring the same technology, to make this service last!

Our Evergreen hair salon professionals know the effects Colorado water has on your hair. Following this detoxifying treatment, you will walk out of Flicker & Finch with the same amazing cut and color. The difference is, your style will hold up against harsh water, keep its bounce, prevent breakage and stay beautifully blonde!

If your scalp is irritated, but you’re not worried about decolorization, we offer other scalp treatments to help. Chances are, the harsh Colorado water is the culprit!

Don’t wait for harsh water to wreak havoc on your hair, book your detoxifying treatment with a professional at Flicker & Finch Salon and Boutique today!

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