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Professional Headshots Are a Must in 2021

Are your headshots outdated? Were you ever really happy with them to begin with? It’s a new year and that means it is time to update your professional headshots. Having high quality, professional headshots will help you stand out from the pack. Make sure you’re putting your best self forward with our new headshot packages.

Professional Headshots Are More Important Than Ever

Nowadays, less business is being done face to face. Video conferences have replaced in person meetings. First impressions are everything and it’s now common for that first impression to be your photo. All too often people are using headshots that are several years old. This may leave some feeling like you are misrepresenting yourself. Having current photographs taken is well worth your time. In order to put your best self forward it is necessary for you to have professional headshots that reflect who you are and what your business stands for. This visual representation plays a key role in your overall branding. A quality headshot will leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

Stand Out with Our Headshot Packages

You obviously want to look your best for professional headshots, and that’s where Flicker + Finch comes in. We always strive to have you looking great and feeling relaxed when you walk through our doors. This is the perfect time to get in front of the camera! Our salon can become your one stop shop to have photos taken while looking your best. First, we will make sure your hair looks amazing with a blowout and/or style courtesy of Amy, Felicia, or Carrie. Next, our staff makeup artist Chelsie will make sure your skin is camera ready. Finally, our experienced photographer will capture you looking the way you want the world to see you! You can even change your outfits up and consult with the photographer about different backgrounds. You’ll gain access to the digital photos and be ready for new business cards, new profile photos, and new connections. Call Amy at 214-808-8603 today to discuss a headshot package for you.

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