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Easy Every Day Evergreen Makeup

If you’re a busy mom always on the go, then you understand what it is like to go days on end without ever looking into a mirror. The Covid-19 Pandemic has turned the whole world upside down. Sometimes doing something for ourselves becomes much more essential. My name is Chelsie Fountain and I am a mother, local Evergreen business owner, and Evergreen makeup artist at Flicker & Finch Salon. I love making all of my clients look and feel their best. I also love teaching my clients how to accentuate their best features with the makeup that I use on them. This way, they can easily recreate their own signature look at home!

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by your makeup! Especially when it comes to SEINT products.

Finally- Makeup Solutions!

SEINT makeup products were specifically designed as a paint-by-numbers concept for your face. This makes it so that your makeup application is a no-brainer. The process is so easy to follow and recreate on your own. This makes it very different from other makeup companies out there. It’s also clean beauty with minimal ingredients, and not tested on animals. You don’t need to open bottles, pour out any liquid, switch brushes, or search in the black hole that is your current makeup bag with SEINT products. SEINT’s makeup is cream-based and stored in tins that magnetize to your compact. ALL of your makeup — everything from brow filler to lipliner — can fit inside your single compact thanks to this setup! On top of that, all of their makeup is ridiculously versatile. It feels light as air on the skin and is extremely hydrating. Evergreen makeup can be especially difficult. When you’re living in the mountains, the more moisture and hydration, the better!

A quick and easy mom makeup shouldn’t be rocket science. It should be something that can be achieved in a matter of minutes, but still give us that much needed boost in confidence that comes when we feel like we are put together. You should feel amazing, even when your goal for the day is to just get through the daily grind with your sanity intact. Feeling amazing about yourself is something that every mom deserves to experience every single day.

If you are in need of a new foundation & blush color, need to clean out the nightmare that is your makeup bag, or wanting a local Evergreen makeup refresh please visit:  to book an appointment with me.  

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